Whether you represent an industrial or commercial company, a small family concern or a professional partnership, having the right protection cover is vital. ThatÂ’s why, at Lotus Insurance Brokers, our teamÂ’s objective is to ensure that your risk transfer requirements are seamless, relevant and cost effective.

Our capabilities in the broking arena will provide insurance cover to protect your assets and operations across the board, including insurance placement for complex and traditionally ‘hard to place’ requirements.


A comprehensive insurance for computers, laptops, other electronic equipment, and sophisticated gadgetry. All electronic equipment is very expensive - a company using this equipment would have to pay a fortune if something were to happen to their ele

Transit insurance provides comprehensive insurance for goods that are not transported per sea. Restricted cover can be taken. Transit insurance covers: • Marine Transit Insurance – Cover goods that are being moved by professionals.

Accidental damage insurance is the Accidental damage to property or loss by any cause that is not specifically excluded, or for which insurance may be available under any other policy. Accidental damage Insurance for sudden and unforeseen loss or

Comprehensive insurance for office contents and documents. Your business contents cost will amount to hundreds of thousands. The loss of office contents experienced if there were to be a fire, burglary or flood would be irreparable. This could eit

Comprehensive contractors insurance for contract works. Contractors liability can be included. As a contractor, getting your tools, materials and building works you are using while under the contract covered against loss or damage is very importan

Employers Liability insurance is the liability towards employees upon death or injuries whilst on duty. Being an employer, all responsibility for the health and safety for your employees whilst at work, is on your head. If they are ill or injured

This forms under the umbrella of the loose term, property insurance. Fire cover insurance, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, home insurance, inland marine insurance and boiler insurance all fall under Property. This can be protected against t

Machinery Breakdown insurance is for the unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage to machinery. Because of all the technological advances, it is essential to have Machinery Breakdown Insurance in the insurance program. When the unexpected

Financial insurance for the loss of money in the form of cash and cheques, theft and loss of money happens every day. Businesses such as restaurants, pubs, and cafes handle significant amounts of money daily. This money needs to be kept safe and m

Motor insurance is the comprehensive or limited insurance for every vehicle. Your car can be insured for private, business or professional use. Private use is driving along familiar roads between your home and workplace. Professional use of Motor

Professional Liability insurance is compensation due to the negligence or failure of professional person’s.  This is also known as Errors and Omissions insurance and professional liability is crucial to any business. The professional pe

Public Liability is the liability towards third parties upon death, bodily injury, illness or damage to property that may arise from the activities of the Insured.Products public liability and defective workmanship can be included under this section

Riot cover is for the loss or damage to property due to riots/strikes, which is insured under any material, damage policy including Business Interruption. SASRIA is the South African Special Risks Insurance Association. It covers many risks in Sou

Theft Insurance for loss or damage caused during theft. Replacing stolen items can be expensive; having theft insurance is much cheaper. Peace of mind is also an exhilarating factor - knowing that your business is insured and protected from any in