There are so many options out there that it really boils down to trust in your broker and the fact that we have taken the due skill, care and diligence to ensure your specific needs have been looked after. We are confident that our brokers offer the highest level of experience, first class claims service, and have your best interest in hand.

Whether you represent an industrial or commercial company, a small family concern or a professional partnership, having the right protection cover is vital. That’s why, at Lotus Insurance Brokers, our team’s objective is to ensure that your risk transfer requirements are seamless, relevant and cost effective.Our capabilities in the broking arena will provide insurance cover to protect your assets and operations across the board, including insurance placement for complex and traditional

Life happens! Therefore we need to make provisions for unforeseen challenges. Risk associated with life assurance is not pleasant to think about but they do play a significant roll both in your business and personal life. The results could be disastrous if they are not properly insured and managed.Personal Life & Disability CoverLife insurance and Disability insurance provides the funding needed to continue supporting your family if you are unable to continue working due to illness or

We can offer a wide range of Investment/ Retirement options.We have added an experienced certified financial planner (CFP) and an expert in the investment market to our team who also happens to be an international portfolio manager with more than 15 years experience in structuring personalised investments and funds for both corporates and individuals alike.We have access to all the major investment houses in the market place, such as Allan Grey, Investec, RMB, Momentum and Coronation to na