Life happens! Therefore we need to make provisions for unforeseen challenges. Risk associated with life assurance is not pleasant to think about but they do play a significant roll both in your business and personal life. The results could be disastrous if they are not properly insured and managed.


Personal Life & Disability Cover

Life insurance and Disability insurance provides the funding needed to continue supporting your family if you are unable to continue working due to illness or injury, and ensures that major debt items such as home loans and estate duty do not cripple your family financially.

Ensuring your family’s future welfare is essential in every home, this life insurance and disability insurance is the most cost effective way, especially for those who don’t work at large firms. Anything in life can happen, whether it be death, terminal illness, or critical illness, the family is paid out a lump sum after the incident. The disability cover is calculated based on the dependants’ needs.

When considering the amount for the death cover:

• Current amount of money

• Income dependants need when you aren’t around

• Future needs